Functional Medicine

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Neurological Health

Neurologic disease or dysfunction does not start or end in the brain. Whether the concern is Autism Spectrum, ADHD or Alzheimer’s, achieving Neurologic Health requires a healthy system. The brain cannot function well in an inflamed, toxic, metabolically deranged environment. At Functional Medicine Specialists, we focus on evaluating our patient’s overall system and create specific plans to remedy any imbalances. There are very effective customizable ways to optimize your individual genetic expression and create the chemistry necessary for improved brain health.​

Comprehensive Wellness
Comprehensive Wellness
“The gut is not like Las Vegas; what happens in the gut, does not stay in the gut.” Alessio Fasano, MD

Digestive Health

Digestive problems wreak havoc over your entire body leading to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, rashes, acne, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism, dementia, cancer and more.

It is central to your entire health. It is connected to everything that happens in your body.

Cardiovascular Health

Ninety percent of heart disease is preventable, yet heart disease is still the number one killer in this country.

If your body were a computer, food would be the information or input to which your genetic code reacts. That in which you bathe your genes will determine how they are expressed.

Comprehensive Wellness
Comprehensive Wellness

Autoimmunity / Allergies

If you have food allergies, it will affect how you think, function and feel. 

Hormonal Balance

The human body is like an orchestra. When everything balanced, you feel amazing. When it is out of sync, nothing works right.

Comprehensive Wellness
Comprehensive Wellness

Illness in and of itself is exhausting, made all the more tiring by trying to find the right doctor. Just anyone is never ok, but if you’ve had cancer, as I have, or heart disease as my partner has, the right fit is crucial. Beyond all the important and necessary credentials, you want someone who you feel is partnering with you on your path of health, who can give you insight, informed support and most importantly, a road to prevention.

Cambria Demarco is what they call a godsend. The one you recommend to friends with a kind of of awe, “I found a good one.” She is all that I mentioned above and more. As a cancer survivor twice over, I have seen my share of doctors and I know when I get the right fit. Dependable, wise and intelligent, my experience of Cambria is what one would hope all of health care might one day be – personal and in-depth.

When I learned that Cambria was no longer at the office where I had been seeing her, I immediately set out to become a patient wherever she would now be practicing. I have a number of friends who are planning to do the same. I have no doubt that wherever she ends up, Cambria will have a following and will certainly be an asset to her clients.

With all my best,

Devorah M., Encinitas
Comprehensive Wellness

Cambria and Mike helped me overcome a bad stomach issue, which was hindering my basic daily responsibilities and activities for almost a full year. I was nervous I'd be stuck on a prescription for the rest of my life but Cambria and Mike set out to find the root of my problem rather than putting a band-aid on the issue with a prescription.

After many tests, we were able to unveil the cause of my issue and I was able to focus on healing as I was no longer blind to what was causing me to feel unhealthy. Cambria and Mike do a great job in balancing holistic medicine with conventional medicine as I believe both are equally beneficial and have their time and place.

Thank you to Cambria and Mike for helping with getting me back to a healthy state to where I can finally get the most out of life again!

Chris M, Carlsbad

We are beyond thankful for the wisdom and care our daughter received from Cambria. She led us on a path of true healing for our daughter. We will forever be eternally grateful! When my daughter was ten years old, we noticed some extreme changes physically and emotionally over a few short months. We knew something was not right. Although her pediatrician strongly felt it was simply puberty, we knew it was more than that and had to push for her to run tests. The results showed severe Hashimoto's disease and her thyroid was barely functioning. She had stopped growing, was experiencing constant stomach pain and we saw her personality fade. They immediately scheduled us at Rady Children’s in the endocrinology department. Thankfully, we were doing additional homework and reached out to Cambria. We had appointments with Cambria and Rady's on the same day. Cambria spent an hour with us and explained how she would look for the source of our daughter's immune reaction, including food allergy testing and testing of her digestive system. She recommended targeted supplements to better support her immune system and she suggested a low dose of natural thyroid hormone medication. We next went to see the head of endocrinology who spent 10 minutes with us and simply handed us a prescription for the standard synthetic thyroid medication, at an extremely aggressive dose. We asked the doctor what to do about the issue going on with her immune system, which would not be addressed by the thyroid medication he prescribed. He looked us straight in the eye and said ``There is nothing you can do for that.`` We did not return to see that doctor again. Cambria discovered various food allergies, which we were unaware of, and suggested diet changes. Our daughter also began a supplement program, specifically targeted for her deficiencies. We saw immediate improvements in her wellbeing. Two years later, her thyroid function, and most importantly her auto-immune markers are nearly all normal. Her TPO antibody level at her initial test was 4340. The normal range is 0-60. And after following Cambria’s program, a month ago her TPO antibody level decreased to 63. Cambria found a way to do something for a disease that, in the eyes of the head of Pediatric Endocrinology “could not be treated.”

Ali, Carlsbad

Cambria helped me trough postpartum hell and to get pregnant again at 42! I honestly don’t know how to thank Cambria for all that she has done for me and my health. I was deep in postpartum depression after my first son was born. I had seen several doctors that said “nothing was wrong with me” and wanted to give me antidepressants. I knew deep in my heart that something wasn’t right and my therapist gave me Cambria’s information. From the initial consultation I knew that Cambria would help me. She took the time to listen and really cared about my health. After doing a thorough questionnaire and in depth blood work she discovered that I had issues with my thyroid and so much more. After being on the right supplements I recovered and started to feel whole again. Cambria was also a huge part of my journey to getting pregnant for the second time in my 40’s. I highly recommend Cambria and have referred so many of my friends and clients to her. Everyone has been so happy with their results. Thank you for sharing your gifts Cambria!

Micaela M., Encinitas